Giovanni Lo Curto Photographer

  1. La Isla - Cuban Diaries

    Series of Reportage on Cuba. 2017.

  2. The Golden Death

    2016-18 Greece. on going. Long Term Reportage on the resistance to the mining Industry.

  3. Micropolis Fight Club: When martial arts take on fascism

    Thessaloniki 2017. The battle against racism is an everyday struggle.

  4. Greece unrest

    Long-Term Reportage. Greece 2015 - . on going... Reportage of the different aspect of the Greek crisis.

  5. For Gold Sake

    Greece 2017. Panorama Series about environmental pollution in Skouries Halkidiki.

  6. O.

    Long-Term Reportage 2015-2020 on going... after a long trip from Syria to Berlin is time to settle down.

  7. The Last Tribe of Europe

    Native-American Culture in Europe. 2015

  8. The Projectionist

    Changes in the Digitization era. Berlin, Germany 2013/14.

  9. Altari

    2014 Berlin. Long-Term Project. on going..

  10. Frau Schröder

    Living in between Cultures. Berlin, Germany 2014.

  11. Life before Revolution

    Berlin 2012. Memories of a Forgotten Time. "al-Bilad rakhat", the country is gone, it will never be the same. Syria 2005-2009.

  12. BERLIN / ERS

    Long-Term Documentary 2010 - . Berlin and its citizens.