Giovanni Lo Curto Photographer

  1. Artist´s Portrait

    Long-Term Project. 2009 - . How to catch in a glimpse the essence of the artists, the grimace of creativity that make them recogn…

  2. Diario Nocturno

    Long-Term Project. 2012 - . Night Diary of what I bump into at night time.

  3. The Bleach Projekt

    2012-2016. My approach is, to not be only a collector of images, but to have an interactive barter with my subject that can trans…

  4. Aura Portrait

    Berlin 2012. Expired Polaroid Portraits.

  5. Vertrautheit

    Berlin 2010. Epilogue of the trilogy. This is The resume, of shadow and light,of what and where I lived, of who has been family.

  6. Four Obsession

    Syria 2009 - Berlin 2010. Second part of the trilogy. It's the unconscious, compulsive need to photograph DiAna.

  7. DiAna

    Syria 2009. First part of The trilogy. Represents my need to discover her.

  8. Waiting for Summer

    Cefalù - Italy 2011. it's a small note of a dull late winter day in Cefalú.

  9. Reflected City

    Berlin 2010-12. In this Series I analyze the city, its architecture and harmony trough its reflex in the paddle.

  10. CYMK - Color Portrait

    Berlin 2010-13. Portraits studies on color. How color influence our perception of the others.

  11. The Trip

    Berlin 2010. The Trip, analog collage. Berlin 2010.

  12. 30 H

    Italy, 2011, One of many odyssey traveling in south Italy.