Street Music Reportage

Street Music Reportage feature the work of Author Musicians that also plays in the streets to spread their music. Berlin 2012.

The Projectionist

Changes in the Digitization era. Berlin, Germany 2013/14.


Long-Term Documentary 2010 - . Berlin and its citizens.

Mosque al-Daghistani

Sufi in the Society. Damascus, Syria 2009

The ancient soul

Photographic reflection on the importance of women in mankind. Syria, Italy, Germany 2009/10

al-Dikrayyat al-Muallaqa – Hanging Memories

Exploring the relationship between human identity, memories and places. Damascus, Syria 2009.

Dair Mar Musa al-Habaschi

From a monastic life to a mass touristic destination. Syria 2009

Hariri Bomb Blast

Impression on the bomb blast. Beirut, Lebanon. 2005. early work