Of resolute pigeons and other anecdotes

Cuba 2017. Travel inside the Cuban Pigeons Fancying Culture.

Loft Portraits

Cuba 2017. Portrait series of Cuban Pigeon Fancier and their winning Pigeon around the roof of Cuba.

Ten Thousand Fula$

Cuba 2017-18. Journey in the cockfighting Cuban tradition.

The Blue Light

Cuba 2017. Internet boosting in Cuba. The digital Revolution.

A lo Cubano

Cuba 2017- . On going. Cuban's way to be.

Hasta que se seque el Malecón

Cuba 2017- . On going. Changing realities.

Hershey Train

Cuba 2017. Matanzas - La Habana: A Journey essay on the Historical Electric Railway.

Under Construction - The cuban new revolution

Cuba 2017. The new economic condition in Cuba Domestic economy has spread the fever of construction.