Giovanni Lo Curto, was born in Palermo in 1983. He is a photojournalist and photographer traveling between Germany, Cuba, Greece and Italy. His work focuses on contemporary social, political, religious and economic issues. Most of his work revolves around the question of identity and memories, either through gender, race and social class. Exploring the relationship between human identity, memories and places he found a strong link between the perception of oneself and the way people remember and store personal and ancestral memories — making an inextricable link between personal identity and the surrounding environment. He prefers to work on long-term documentary projects because it gives the best opportunity to represent the complexity of a story fully and allows him to bond with his subject. The idea is to have a mutual exchange with the subject that lasts beyond the time of the reporting. After living and traveling in South America and the Middle East for many years, Giovanni moved to Berlin in 2010. There, his work has been published several times in magazines and newspapers such as ND, TAZ, FHZZ, CONTRASTE, Cargo, Chorzeit. He has been commissioned to produce two books, “Il Collezionista di baci - The Kiss Collector” for Mondadori Electa and “Die moderne Stadt Berlin-Lichtenberg- Ein Architekturführer / The modern city Berlin-Lichtenberg - an Architectural guide” for Berlin Story Verlag. In 2018, he was selected to study with the VII photo agency in its Warsaw-based Masterclass. In addition to his freelance photojournalism projects, he works as a freelance photographer and photo editor and collaborates with the Museum Lichtenberg and the non-profit association “Initiative Luna Park e.V.”. There, he documents and organizes cultural, dance and photographic projects. Additionally, he supervises a darkroom and photo studio in the Weinmeisterhaus youth house. There, he leads free analogue and digital photography workshops for young people.

Freelance photojournalist, 2009 - Current
My work focuses on contemporary social, political and economic issues. My interests lie in the relationship between man’s identity, memory and places.

Photographer, photo editor for CONTRASTE and FHZZ, 2013 - Current
Reportage and editorial photos for print and online.

Photographer for Luna Park dance company and Stadt Museum Lichtenberg — 2014 - Current
dance performances, architectural/landscape photography and I organize cultural photographic projects.

Photographer for Weinmeisterhaus — 2010 - Current
I run the darkroom, photo studio, and digital station tutoring young photographers and scholars at this youth house which offers cultural education for children.


2021 Exhibition „Who cares? Praktiken der Solidarität“ in “Staatliche Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg” (TIM) 29.07.21- January 2022. I expose 3 photos, one on a reportage on Unions and two from my reportage “Greece Unrest”

2020 Permanent Exhibition “WAS — WO — WER — WOW Lichtenberg” in Museum Lichtenberg. Official Photographer and Photo Contributor for the exhibition with Landscape, Architecture, Panorama, Portrait and Object photography.

2020-21 “Besetzen sowieso” in alte feuerwache Gallerie. Photo Contributor and Organizer.

2019 Photo exhibition »Zuflucht Hoffnung – Bilder aus dem europäischen Exil« in Museum Lichtenberg

2018 LUMIX Festival für jungen Fotojournalismus - Open Portfolio Wall with the reportage "La Isla-Cuban Diaries".

2017-18 Neues Deutschland online and print edition publications of “Greece Unrest,” “The Golden Death” and “Wem Gehören die Minen von Chalkidiki” reportages

2017-19 Photo exhibition "Selbstorganization und Wiederstand" Berlin 29.04/01.06 in Jockel, Rostock 06.11/30.11 in T'winkelhus (SBZ Toitenwinkel), Berlin 01.02/28.02.18 in AStA TU Berlin, Hanau since 20.05.18/ in DGB permanent exhibition.

2016 Photo exhibition "Die moderne Stadt Berlin-Lichtenberg" in Rathaus Lichtenberg 21.10.16-02.12.16

2015 Cargo magazine: stories “The Projectionist.” and Chorzeit: stories “Begegnungschor”

2016 Photo exhibition " The Last Tribe of Europe" in Filmrisz from 09.09.16 to 09.12.16.

2015 Photo exhibition, in Museum Lichtenberg Berlin "Pionierbauten innovativen Bauens in Lichtenberg /aktueller Zustand" Thema: Architecture photos of 1900-1930 innovative buildings.

2014: Photo exhibition in Museum Lichtenberg Berlin widerständig und widerspenstig – Jugendkultur in Lichtenberg von 1960–1990” contributor with 5 Photos of the Roma memorials.


2018 "Muschelscherben" with Lyrics By Ulrike Eifler. Self published. Photos from my Reportage "Greece Unrest".

2016 "Die moderne Stadt Berlin-Lichtenberg - Ein Architekturführer" Berlin Story Verlag.

2014 “Il Collezionista di Baci” Mondadori Electa.


2018-19 VII Masterclass in Warschau.

2007 Bachelor in “Foreign languages and Italian L2 for international and intercultural relations”, from “Università degli Studi di Palermo - Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia”, main focus: Arabic and Islamic studies. Graduated with first class honor with a dissertation: “al-Andalus and its representation in the Spanish school books”


Italian, Spanish, English, German, Arabic/modern standard, Syrian Arabic