Giovanni Lo Curto Photographer

Mosque al-Daghistani

Damascus, Syria 2009.

On the slopes of Mount Qassiun, in the neighborhood al-Salihiyye the Moschee al-Daghistani, that follow the Naqshbandi Tariqah, has an active role in the life of these Damascen's suburb. Mount Qassiund as always been the elected place for Sufi to establish their Madrassah and Gamiah, and host several Shrine of holy Sufis personality. I visit several time the prayers and activities of this mosque resulting on two interviews with the muezzin Ibrahim Bai’raq Dar and Shaykh Abd al-Hafidh Wentzel a German who in his youth converted to Islam. This Reportage focus on the soup kitchen held from Ibrahim Bai’raq Dar every Sunday and the prayer school for children lead by Shaykh Abd al-Hafidh Wentzel. It was a really intense month where I was really welcomed in a friendly environment of peace prayers and mutual understanding.

(selection of photos from the reportage)