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Greece unrest

Greece 2015 - .

Long-Term Reportage.

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Greece Unrest is an ongoing reportage that aims to represent the different changing realities that have arisen in these nine years of crisis. The troika's austerity measures has been holding Greece society in a stranglehold. It is a place of merciless exploitation and the sale of a whole society. "Saving" is the propaganda dictates, which means redistribution of profits and capital to the core of Europe. This means wage dumping, unemployment, loss of health insurance, no chance of a residence permit for refugees, no chance of a legal employment contract - no chance to build a new life.

Greece is nowadays in between a permanent “normality” crisis status and a resemble of an aftermath recovering period. These alternation could give the impression that the crisis is coming to an end and there is an actual spread of wellness throughout Greece. People start to have jobs again, this means, three or six month temporary contracts, 40 plus hour a week for, if they are lucky, 600 Euro a month.

Started in 2015, this reportage will remain ongoing for many years as an open crisis and aftermath diary showcasing the changes in the Greek society with a particular focus on the actions and initiatives citizens have taken to cope with the new social-economic condition of the country in an independent self-organized solidarity way which is unprecedented in Greece...[...]

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Photo exhibition "Selbstorganization und Wiederstand" showing the photos of the Documentary reportage "Greece Unrest". The exhibition will travel to Berlin 29.04/01.06, Rostok 06.11/30.11, , Hanau 06.01./28.02.18, Berlin 01.03/31.05.18, Hamburg, , Hannover, Frankfurt.