Giovanni Lo Curto Photographer

The ancient soul

Syria, Italy, Germany 2009/10

"Around the world, on its streets, walking I don't know where, caring for I don't know who or just resting a restless rest, there is the ancient soul of society equal as itself in its diversity."

In my wanderings I always noticed the ubiquitous presence of old women in the world´s streets. They looks lonely surrounded by a hectic humanity that doesn't repair or doesn't focus anymore on who is slow, outdated and belongs to a remote past.

This is a photographic personal reflection on the importance of women in mankind and their never ending commitment to be an active part of society.

I decided to portrayed random old women from behind to focus more on the body's movements, the pose, the aging, on the aches and pains that the years have accumulated on their shoulders. At the same time the absence of a recognizable identity shifts the focus from their individuality to the characteristics that unite women anywhere in the world.