Giovanni Lo Curto Photographer

30 H

Italy, 2011.

30h is the dairy of an exhausting trip home. They are the hours I needed to arrive in my home town down in Sicily in the summer of 2011...

I left at 4 am after spending the night with friends in my favorite Pub in Berlin. I took a flight to Naples, from there i should have traveled by train but it's place in the train plus two trains make an accident and Italy was for a day split in half...The only way left was the bus at 21:30, 12h later. to keep me awake I used the only two rolls of film I had with me and my old minox.

From the 11 hours in bus that follows, I didn't remember much, I hadn't slept in the last 36h and I felt asleep. The Ferry and then again the bus till Palermo. Finally home! always surprise me how difficult is to reach sometime Sicily.